Not so long ago, I was discussing with a radio warrior the amazing challenges that small companies face today, and he suggested assembling a radio show to help them, educate them to make them more efficient and, therefore, a greater chance of survival and success. He asked me what I thought should be the topics of this show because I have much experience in franchising, which means that it is my duty to help our franchisees, who were all small and locally owned companies, to make it a success. Well, let's talk about this.

As you can see, I came up with a number of issues that I think any radio program geared towards small businesses should address. I recommend splitting them in small portions 5 to 10 minutes between programming or 15 to 30 pieces per day or 3 days a week. Here are some of my programming suggestions if you want to do the same in your area to boost the small business there:

Human Resources: Treat applicants with respect, read through kind CVs, and check social network.
Industrial business models: retail versus manufacturing, money made, different thinking, and the same principles
Innovation: breaking into minds, front-line information, listening to clients, offering solutions, and innovation is a small business.
International Business: Preparing external contacts, rules, shipping, challenges, private information, finding a suitable place.
Interviewers: You are looking for a job at a local small or medium-sized company, advice, interviewing from the other side.
Job search techniques: Unique places to find job offers, set up off-grid networks, social networks online, and door to door.
Management: selling and marketing are your skills, and now you have to manage too, avoid employees, and be friendly for business.
Marketing: promotional programs, packaging, banners, storefront, online advertising, radio, marketing merging.
Direct marketing strategies: voting, flyers, sponsoring big events.
Negotiating: a win-win, western style when negotiating with a win-win mentality, free market trade.
Networks: Rooms, business events, vendors, employees, friends, and social networks, connecting them together in the modern world.
Nonprofit: Don't get rid of the cream without becoming one with the community, what you can do to help, and reap rewards.
Outsourcing: Manufacture your products across the state, country or globe, do what you do best, and leave hardship to others.
Public Relations: radio shows, crazy advertising, positioning your company as a caring community player.
Presentation: Provide your services to a larger government company or agency, sharpen the presentation, and homework in advance.
Productivity: Six Sigma proficiency strategies for a small business, form is a four-letter word, and service companies have a lot to earn in reviews.

Such radio shows are like executive education lectures for small businesses and business people on the job. It is what they need in this difficult economy to be more efficient and profitable. In fact, I hope you will think about all this and think about it.


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