The computer science industry is thriving in the world, and the best aspect is that it is paying off! There has been, and always has been, the demand for qualified, sharp and intellectual engineers and that's why young people are learning coding because it's the most attractive option. However, as new skills emerge in the industry, young people find it difficult to understand how to start.

When you are about to start, you should know briefly about the programming languages. You definitely need to make efforts to master the respected language (one or more languages), and the result will be a high-paying job on your plate in the leading industry. Let's take a quick look at the six most popular and rewarding web programming languages ​​for 2016 that you can go into.


• It is the latest or advanced version of Hypertext Markup Language which includes new behaviors, attributes, and elements.

• Helps improve flexibility, provides offline editing features, drag / drop, optimize messages, and eliminate old features.

• It provides high speed design, design, 2D and 3D graphics, connectivity, multimedia, and integrated performance.

2. CSS / CSS3

• It is simple, easy to learn, and is compatible with any old versions.

• It has a fast development, features can be changed easily, and has a compatible browser and a separate platform.

• Easy to add animations, images, text and borders, enhancing the overall appearance.

• Test features are now easy with the latest version of CSS.

New tools that help designers experiment with their creativity.

3. JavaScript

• It is not Java, but rather a powerful language that helps improve web pages. JavaScript helps add effects to different web pages, in creating functional games as well as in the appearance of messages.

This is the programming language used worldwide that works best for many major and popular browsers.

• It is used as a basis in many new technologies, which helps in real-time communication.

• Learning JavaScript is important to everyone, as it helps to create interactive pages.

• It has an excellent user interface that allows you to create new images, add text or animation and create creative profiles.

4. Aftermarket

• It is an excellent language to learn for many web developers, both beginners and experienced.

It can be used easily even with complex projects and can be combined with other languages ​​as well.

It has a huge library consisting of various functions that can be used.

• Easy to go through lessons and documents, best for beginners to learn.

• One can create Ajax templates using an easy-to-use interface.

• Several plugins are available that help in high speed development.

5. PHP

• All web developers must have PHP programming knowledge, which is a popular and effective platform.

• The web can be expanded easily and in less time, even with less effort.

It is the primary language of many management systems.

It is a profitable language that helps many programmers and developers.

Hypertext Pre Processor is a scripting language that works on any server and helps create pages that were previously HTML.

• It is a popular programming language and provides many advanced tools for programmers and new learners.

6. The cell

• In order to implement on Oracle, Microsoft SQL, one needs to know the SQL language.

Standard query language will help you gain proficiency in large multi-faceted databases.

• After JavaScript, MySQL is commonly used by developers around the world.

It helps to be used by small and large companies and universities as well as banks.

• Many mobile applications have access to SQL database and many common applications have been developed on it.


what did you decided? Which programming language would you like to learn as beginners? Well, if you want to get into the web development field, the best suitable language to learn is JavaScript, regardless of whether you like it or not. On the other hand, if you want to continue developing the web backend, learn SQL. If you are looking to create mine data websites, you can learn Python.

Plus, if you are looking to work for a company, you can learn Java. To build any things or any jobs, you can start learning SQL, which is good for math students. Now that everything is clearly explained to you, he decides to take whatever programming language you would like to learn. Enjoy spending quality time learning, and in the end you will earn huge profits from any language you choose.


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