Dish Network and DirecTV are the two digital television providers that provide satellite entertainment services in the United States. They both provide their best in programming that includes English, Spanish, International, and Sports programming. Sports programs allow subscribers to enjoy their favorite games with their favorite players. Tennis programs in Dish Network and DirecTV offer subscribers various matches in high definition. This article provides a clear description of tennis programming in Dish Network and DirecTV and their comparison.

Programming tennis in the dish network
Dish Network's tennis network is a 24-hour network that will be delivered under one "The Tennis Channel". This channel is dedicated to tennis and lifestyle around. The tennis channel will be delivered to Channel 400 on the dishwasher network. US Open Series, Masters Series for ATP, First Class Sony Ericsson

WTA Tour Tour, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Hopman Cup tournaments are available at Dish Network. Participants can enjoy all tournaments and matches with amazing HD.

The US Open series is the six-week summer tennis season that links the ATP World Tour and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour tournaments. It is mentioned in the US or North America Hard Court Season. ATP is the most famous tournament in men's tennis. It is a series of nine tennis tournaments that will be held each year in Europe, North America and Asia. It is originally known as "Championship Series, One Week" events.

WTA Tour Championship is the worldwide women's tennis professional tour that will be played every year at the end of the season for the top-rated players in the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). The Davis Cup is the largest annual international team competition run by the ITF. This is the main event for the international men's tennis team. The United States is the most successful country in the history of the championship.

The Fed Cup is the same as for the David Cup but it concerns women. This competition was formerly known as the Federation Cup. Fed Cup is the women's tennis team competition by the International Tennis Federation. Compared to other tennis tournaments, the Hopman Cup is completely different as male and female players play together and form a team for their country. Eight teams from each country will be chosen every year to compete with each other in the Hopman Cup. Each team constitutes one player.

Tennis programming at DirecTV
The tennis game at DirecTV provides full coverage of the Grand Slam championship big tennis event to its participants every year. Grand Slam Tournament consists of four tournaments, also known as major majors, which are the Australian Open, the French Open, the American Open Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament and is considered the most famous tournament in the world. This is the only tournament that still plays on the grass and takes more than two weeks in late June and early July. The US Open is also a famous tennis tournament that begins every year at the end of August and runs through September. DirecTV provides full coverage of all tournament matches from the off-field and first-round matches to the finals.

Only on DirecTV, subscribers can experience the entire Grand Slam Event and bring additional coverage to overseas courts and first round matches of the Australian Open. The Australian Open and Wimbledon are the only indoor slams. Since this tournament is famous for the very hot days, it will take place in the middle of Australian summer.

With the Australian Open Open Mix channel 701, subscribers can watch 6 live matches at the same time. They can choose any one channel to set. The Match Guide feature allows subscribers to see results from matches and the schedule of upcoming matches. Real-time results will be provided for ongoing and discordant matches when subscribers activate recent results.

The Men Draws feature is exclusively designed to see the full tour that is shown around the tour's chart and which shows about the players in the tournament who head for their country. Participants can enjoy all the matches in the tournament, in amazing HD, with digital quality and image.


Dish Network and DirecTV provide comprehensive coverage of tennis events. Although both satellite TV providers offer many tournaments to their subscribers, they have some difference between them. Tournaments and tennis matches are presented by DirecTV as programming while all of these tournaments will be delivered to the Dish Network under one channel called "The Tennis Channel" on Channel No. 400. This tennis channel is provided with programming packages America's Top 250 and "Everything" America's Buck. "

At Dish Network, all tennis tournaments are delivered under one channel, "The Tennis Channel". On the contrary, DirecTV's tennis programming sessions will be offered on Tennis as well as on the exclusive DirecTV called Mix Channel on Channel 701. Wimbledon is provided by DirecTV on Channels 702 -707.

Subscribers can enjoy full coverage of tennis programs in stunning HD in both Dish Network and DirecTV. Interactive features such as the mixed channel where subscribers can view 6 matches at the same time, the matching guide that provides results and the schedule of upcoming matches, and recent results give real-time scores and men's withdrawal offers via the pie chart available with DirecTV. On the other hand, Dish Network offers only one tennis channel that does not have additional features like DirecTV.


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