Remove Duplicates from Lists: Text, Emails and Phone Numbers

How often do you find yourself with a list of emails, phone numbers or text lines that have duplicate entries? It can be frustrating to get the wrong information, no matter what it is. This is where Remove Duplicate From Lists comes in handy! Paste your list into the field and let our tool remove […]

SEO Web Links And Backlinks

Are web backlinks dead? What should I do for SEO? So you want your website to be on page 1 of Google search engine results. What you need to consider is where Google is coming from when deciding which websites go on page 1. Your business is absolutely dependent on displaying the most relevant websites […]

Next Generation Computer Systems

Next Generation Computer Systems The change will come soon. Technology has continued to evolve at breakneck speed. The speed at which technology evolves is due in part to increasing market demands. Everyone wants more powerful systems that are highly reliable and can run faster. Hardware and software manufacturers are working together to bring the next […]

Data Recovery “How To Recover From A Hard Drive Failure”

How To Recover From A Hard Drive Failure Unfortunately, most home users and many business users do not back up their systems. Also, many small businesses have older backup procedures that are often ineffective at recovering files. Of course, you can go to your neighborhood electronics store and buy a replacement disk for your computer, […]

The Pros and Cons of Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

If you are a Microsoft Excel user, chances are you came across some keyboard shortcuts that you found useful. Or maybe you’re tired of being constantly tethered to your mouse and having to search the ribbon or toolbars to find the command you need. Either way, this article should help you understand the value and […]

Machine Learning: The Next Career Change Tool

Machine Learning: The Next Career Change Tool: Machine learning is the buzzword created and it is the next future of the world. It is defined as an artificial intelligence tool that works like an artificial mind to learn automatically without the presence of the human mind. Machine Learning It refers to the development of tools […]

5 marketing strategies to boost your business

5 marketing strategies to boost your business: Marketing is very basic in business and is also a difficult aspect when starting a business. Every business owner wants to find the right strategy to attract and retain potential customers. A good marketing strategy will help you define the overall trend and marketing goals. In this article, […]

How to attract customers online through content marketing (Comprehensive Guide)

How to attract customers online through content marketing (Comprehensive Guide): At any time, only about 3% of customers in the market are ready to buy right Now. In this article, we will share with you how you can capture a wide range of customers for your business. In a previous article, we explained what Jupiter’s […]

Journey of Jupiter – transforming strangers into clients

Think about the last time you bought a product. ( transforming strangers into clients ) There was a time when you did not know that the product existed or that the service provider was present, and you ended up paying for it. I went through something called Jupiter’s journey, even without realizing it. In this […]