Comparison of software engineering and computer science


Higher education institutes are still not agreed upon in many technical degrees, such as software engineering and computer science. These fields, along with information technology, information systems, and computer science engineering, are simply new. Therefore, what the school or employer sees as a requirement for computer science can be interpreted by another school as software engineering.

There are many similarities between the two fields. Both are expected to understand how computers work, how programs are organized, and what the user is entitled to expect. However, the Department of Mathematics usually supervises computer science while software engineering is usually included in the College of Engineering.

In the early days, computers were extremely solid to perform a certain function. The user did a little more than punch a button. Allowing greater user control led to the development of programming languages ​​and translators to translate the “regular” language into the computer language. Perforated tapes or cards allowed the user to write their own routines. The actual keypunch was performed by someone else who usually has writing skills. A missing point, missing slide, or transposition means the entire program will fail. There was often no idea why, letting the programmer flow into the cards as well as his program.

Computer programming began to reach its development with the development of the personal computer. Simplified languages ​​like BASIC have given more control to the average user. A few minutes spent with the book enabled the user to start creating rudimentary programs. But often, failure to understand what the computer can and cannot do has led to failure. This laid the foundations for the software engineer, who not only understands the software but the hardware's physical capabilities.

One way to examine the differences between software engineering and computer science is to look at how most printers are controlled by the first personal computers. In most cases, changing printer functions such as font size, number of copies, or paper size requires entering the appropriate printer series in DOS. Today, these functions are controlled by a desktop interface. The user may enter information in the program or in the printer dialog box. In a simplified statement, one might say that the creation of dialog boxes and the basic code was provided by a software engineer. The ability to understand and obey commands has been provided by the computer scientist.

In the simplest terms, CS focuses more on the devices, circuits, and networks involved. SE is usually concerned with creating software that is efficient in size, speed, and user interface optimization. However, there is no patent area in any field. Creating a reliable and effective network or computer requires an understanding of the requirements that will be imposed on it. Writing a robust "error-free" program requires knowing how the assemblers work, what the processor speed and memory mean.

With little uniformity among universities, the quality of the degree can vary greatly. Some colleges require major science majors to take Microsoft Office in their first programming cycle. In some cases, this may be followed by Pascal, Cobol or RPG, which are not in great demand today. They may also teach Visual Basic, Visual C ++, or Visual J without first teaching the base language. Likewise, software engineers can graduate without a basic understanding of wireless technology. Those seeking a degree as well as employers may be serving them better by ignoring the address and checking the actual courses required.

A few years ago, positions held in computer science were often held by people with other degrees, such as electrical engineers. Software engineers are usually the ones with programming skills, many of whom do not hold degrees at all, but study themselves. As technology becomes more sophisticated, follow the increasing specialization. Only by looking at the target can they be distinguished. For example, if the goal is to produce the largest game ever, the software engineer is likely to be the one facing the challenge. If the goal is to produce the next generation of gaming systems, the computer world is likely to make the biggest contribution.


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