Albert Einstein once said: "Information is not knowledge, and the only real source of knowledge is experience." This knowledge is not necessarily derived from your own experience but can be gained from the experience of others. Applying the experience of professional poker players can save you years of frustration and put you on the fast track to winning online poker.

Online poker is very different from that in live poker, and because of these differences one has to apply a different set of rules on how to win online poker than the ones usually used in direct play. Differences in card deal, player behavior, and how you play can be measured.


In online poker tournaments and cash games, the deal is organized through a set of computer programs and algorithms, and is the main program that determines the randomness of a group called the Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG or RNG). Together with RNG is a set of specific algorithms that make deterministic decisions based on the players in the game.

Additional poker algorithms will provide spin and river cards, and in many cases produce actions that spark rhythm and rhythms. Often, in Texas Hold'em online, raffles are common when flipping and turning, which motivates players to act. Although heavy boards are seen in live play, the fact is that raffles happen more on the Internet due to the flaws and defects in the RNG.

the event

Another factor in online poker is action. The action created with heavy artboards as well as a procedure created by players chasing those clouds or trying to manipulate large pots. The fact that online texas holdem game is overwhelmed by novice players and those who don't understand advanced game technologies is one of the reasons why your chips are always in danger.

Your style

Depending on your playing style, you may find it necessary to adjust your style to compensate the inexperienced players and computer generated codes for online poker. If your style is aggressive in direct play, you may want to mix it with a little passive gameplay because the action players will chase their draws and you will have difficulty getting them to lay their hands on.

Moreover, the fact that real randomness is not in computer-generated poker, you may want to wait until you are sure that you will win the hand before getting too many chips. The reason behind most of the bad rhythms in online poker is more computer generated software that motivates work more than bad players who cannot fold.

You should start trying hundreds and even thousands of hands in online poker to show what's wrong with your game and why you keep losing it. Leaks in the game are more easily recognized if you review all actions in your hands carefully and personally.

Although it is generally accepted that online poker is the same as live poker, you are excellent at playing live while internet internet may struggle that suggests the problem is in software and players more than your game. Knowing this, it would be in your best interest to learn more about poker algorithms and programs to improve your odds and start winning poker online.


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