The casino's magic and atmosphere is rarely transferred to the equivalent online, but these days roulette can be played directly online. There are some cool differences in the game in many arcade casinos on the internet, although I've always found it somewhat clinical and lacking in atmosphere.

My main problem is element of luck, roulette is simply an opportunity game. There is a slight bias at home, as long as you've never played roulette at a table with zeros – when the bias is much larger. But despite this home advantage if you smile luck, you can earn a fortune in real roulette.

Live Roulette is not the same

When you play roulette in one of these great casinos, it doesn't look good. Now I am sure the majority of the online casinos are completely fair and legitimate, but pressing a button to see the turnover that was created on the computer is not the same. A woman’s luck is in the hands of a computer program designed to produce random results that depend on a complex algorithm. Unfortunately to produce this truly random result, a human hand and a solid computer wheel are required.

If you are bored of arcade casinos, I urge you to try real online roulette. There are now quite a few people using streaming video technology, you can actually play roulette online in a casino while sitting at home next to a computer.

Odds are not counted, you must play at the time of the casino and the roulette wheel will actually spin and people will win and lose next to you on the exact same results. So if you want to play live roulette online, which is a casino experience that is not controlled by a computer algorithm, read about the favorite real casino below.


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