The processor is the unit that reads and executes computer program instructions. The instructions are either fixed or variable-length data, which guide the processor.

The original processors were invented with only one core. This basic actually performs reading and executing instructions. Individual core treatments can only handle one instruction at a time. The dual core processor has two cores, while the quad core processor has 4 cores and the hexa core contains 6 cores.

Quad-core processor requires different components working together to fully implement processor functions. For example, the motherboard and BIOS must recognize the CPU. If this does not happen, the motherboard enables the system to send the processing requirements to the CPU. Therefore, in this case, the quad-core processor should coincide with the devices, and only when this happens the operating system recognizes the cores.

Older operating systems that support a single core will not recognize the 4 core processor. Hence if it should be implemented, it is necessary to have a new operating system in place capable of providing quad-core support. The system must also include software that is able to recognize the quad processor.

Operating the 4 core processor is very simple. The program tells the device to work, and the device in turn tells the motherboard, which in turn tells the processor. Processors maintain optimum speed when such actions occur.

Where are these treatments required? Applications such as games, graphics, and media editing require more processor power. Quad-core processors support such applications because mathematical calculations are complicated easily as the number of processor cores is large and this provides more processing space. If we take an example of a game app, quad-core processors can easily handle basic tasks like physics, sound, 3D display and computer algorithm simultaneously. This is required in order for the game software to function properly. As each of these missions is handed over to independent centers, the game speed increases.


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