One of the biggest complaints in the online poker world is the fact that persistent bad rhythms seem to happen. Many will ask, are the PokerStars forged? (And so are most of the pokersites). The claim has some truth and relevance, if one examines the nearest anomaly associated with continuous bad beats.

To get a full understanding of the concept of "PokerStars is Faking" one needs to realize that online poker uses computer software that is easily manipulated by poker and symbol algorithms. It is the algorithms and additional symbols used by poker sites that offer steady bad rhythms.

Skeptics will claim that there is no feature in poker to change cards. However, there is a reasonable reason behind this. Primarily, fake PokerStars discussions revolve around the fact that there are fixed bad beats, and these bad beats occur frequently due to the computer software's inability to randomly select all possible known deck sequences.

In addition, there is a psychological reason behind changing the real statistics of poker, and this is that people No Love to lose. When someone loses in a tournament, like poker, he will usually keep trying until he wins. Predators rely on this as a way to keep players depositing on their site, ensuring a steady flow of new money.

By incorporating some exotic poker algorithms into the poker program, pokersite guarantees that although the play will appear fair to experienced and inexperienced players, in the long run, these sites will continue to earn money.

In other words, the counterfeit claim of PokerStars is actually a factual event because pokersite is intentionally Change Real stats of the game by adding code and algorithms that basically change the actual odds.

If you are a victim of bad nasty pulses on the site and you think PokerStars are fraudulent, your only defense is to know how the program works and what you can do to address it. On the other hand, if you suspect that PokerStars are likely to be rigged, you should have no problem continuing to win and avoiding persistent bad rhythms.


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