The War of Manual Translation and Online Translation in the Modern World


With the advent of computers and related technologies more and more tasks are being done by humans. But as always a machine has its own limitations and humans have its own advantages. Tools like Google Translate, Yandex Translate, Linguee and many more provide instant web page translation, document, mail messages, etc. This aspect attracts users and causes them to choose these machine translation services via manual services for their daily purpose.

This could appear to be threatening to millions of linguists around the world who have made unremitting efforts to translate every text, i.e. a document that has been presented. There are thousands of translation companies that hire professional translators around the world. The advent of machine translation certainly put their career at stake. The good news is that it is not as dark as it seems. The things to consider here are that both manual and machine translation have their own place in the market and serve different purposes. Let's discuss this in detail:

Advantages of online translation

  • Online translations are always free and do your job at no additional cost. This is the most likely reason people go to this service.
  • Their service is fast and fast. It only takes a moment to translate the text through the online translator tools.
  • There are thousands of languages ​​that can be translated using these online translation tools.

Cons of online translations

  • The computer operates on a set of rules and algorithms. Language is not a set of mathematical algorithms or formulas, and therefore is not quite suitable for them.
  • It works on artificial intelligence that cannot understand the nuances, dialects and tales of languages. The translation is not comprehensive and translated.
  • He never understands the context of the translated material. It is unable to adjust itself according to the target readers and their sensitivities. Therefore, true feelings can never be expressed in their translated text.
  • He is mechanical and lacks the human touch. The translation takes place from word to word, so the exact meaning cannot be repeated in the translated sentence and make it natural and fluent.
  • Behind every translation project goes a lot of study and research. The machine cannot do that as humans do.
  • Although most languages ​​are covered in online translations, there are still some languages ​​that are excluded from their list.

With all the pros and cons of these online translation tools have their own space in the market. There are a number of areas that really come in handy. But before indulging in it, it's wise to know its various aspects and then use it accordingly. Here are some areas that can be used safely, such as:

  • When it comes to quickly understanding the key point or essence of a specific website or page, it's best to use online translation tools. It provides instant translations.
  • It is also very useful to determine the original language of any document if in doubt or not. So you don't have to spend much time and get the result right away.
  • This comes as a very useful method when in an informal conversation. Through her quick service, you will get the required translation back then and there without any fuss and keep chatting.

Various aspects of manual translation:

Translation services have a huge area to be covered. Most importantly, there are business materials, marketing projects, and topics related to scientific and medical research that specifically need help from professional language translators and user guide translation companies. Here is an overview of the regions that require manual translation:

  • For any official contact, the best option is without a doubt a professional translator. The way in which a professional translator can represent your views and message and no machine can do it.
  • Whenever you target the global market, it is very important to localize your website and marketing strategies according to the culture and sensitivity of this place. An experienced professional translator cannot do this and no other translation machine or tool can do this.
  • To maintain the momentum of your branding success in the native language as it is in other languages, when you try to reach a wider audience, a professional translator is a huge help. They can express the same dialect of your mother tongue in the target language to help you better communicate with the people you choose.
  • For the corporate sector, a professional translator can do what the translation tool can't do at all. They can accurately express their opinions to the target audience as well as market their brand effectively in any language.
  • You will find a translator for any sometimes difficult language in online translation tools.

The last word

Although online and manual translations may seem contradictory and threaten to each other, in reality they are not. Both are required in their own way. In this fast-paced world, instant and fast translation tools have become very useful for informal or personal use. But when it comes to official and official matters that will have a major impact on your brand name and reputation. There is no substitute for a professional translator. Therefore, these two systems can coexist easily and continue to serve the world in their unique ways.


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