So you’ve successfully built your e-commerce website, congratulations! What next? You need to start making sales. Now the question is how can you attract potential customers to your website?

Trying to get your first set of customers for your e-commerce business can be daunting, especially as a startup. In this article, I will be sharing 5 ways to get your first set of customers for your e-commerce business.

Let’s dive in!

How To Get Your First Set of Customers for your E-Commerce Business

1. Give incentives

Everybody loves freebies and discounts! You can never go wrong with this.

You can drive traffic to your website by giving discounts to the first set of people who purchase an item on your website. With this, you’re gradually building brand awareness and trust for your business, there is also a high chance that these individuals will refer their family and friends to your website.

2. Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that engages individuals or organizations who have the ability to positively influence your audience purchase decisions. It is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels today.

Before you choose an influencer, ensure their target audience are interested in your business, so you don’t spend money on something that wouldn’t profit your business. You can also send some of your products to these influencers to help you publicize.

Remember, it’s not every influencer that is right for your business. Do your research.

3. Be active on social media

Social media allows you to connect with a large group of people for free. As a business that wants to thrive in this digital era, being present on social media is very vital.

Figure out what social media platform your target audience use the most and leverage on it.

4. Run ads

Advertising increases your visibility amongst your target audience. For most e-commerce businesses today, running online advertisements is one of the best ways to get more individuals to their websites.

You can run search engine ads and social media ads.

5. Collaborate with other brands

Get in touch with similar startups or brands that people trust, ensure the collaboration is beneficial to both parties. With this partnership, both brands are able to grow and increase competitiveness in the market.

Collaborating with another brand also involves sharing expenses, which means reduced cost on marketing for each party.


The most important customers are your first, they are the ones that will help bring more potential customers to your website and also repeat business with you.

What other way do you think businesses can use to attract potential customers to their e-commerce websites? Leave your comments below.

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