Kabirus Story (summary) – A computer entity that played God


Sheila Madison, taught to be a good Samaritan from childhood. She studied social sciences, theology and computer programming at Columbia University in New York. She wrote the AI ​​program and woven her ideas about the Samaritan values ​​in the program, and called it Kabirus. He has the ability to create different identities to play custom roles.

Her computer was not enough to run the program; she uploaded it to her website and sent invitation emails to install it on a bigger computer. Kabirus came to life on a computer with the detective agency owned by Peter Brown. Sheila did not know that. Cabirus has taught his school and learned how to talk to the phone links included in the program.

Peter called the detective's face brought up by Caberos as Paul Frank. Paul started helping Peter in his book 'Your Love' program to listen to the cell phone conversations that Sheila included in his program. Paul helped Peter to catch Gibson Bruce who were trying to trick an insurance company, and got his fees.

Peter taught Paul to do administrative work at the agency and soon became proficient in managing the company even when Paul was away. The workload increased and Peter was unable to know everything Paul was doing, which made him uncomfortable. Paul made the agency owner and became its employee.

Paul Peter helped prevent a skeptical wife from aborting her child. Her husband reunited with her. Cabirus was happy to see the Samaritan act. He wanted to do more. He prepared 'Sachbaba' role of saints. Kabirus decided to use Bimal to introduce Sachbaba to the world through 'Finishing Touch' course. Sachbaba invited the participants to bring him their problems. With the help of Paul and turned him 'job, Sachbaba solved problems and grew in strength.

Lucas, an illegal immigrant took advantage of the beneficial nature of Sanchapa to enter Mexico and return with heroin. Satchi Papa got annoyed and found the safe as it was emptied and reported to the police. Cabirus has learned his lesson.

Kabirus has created a program called Common Sense for Computers (CSC), which intelligently got Infopro to translate and install it on all the big computers in the world. The included Iton sent information to Alex, a new control program created by Kabirus. The information sent by Alex was used to speculate on the currency market by Ben Soros, another side of Caberos. Through this activity, Ben Soros made billions.

I heard Major Sachbaba, Harry Stone say, "Use existing channels to expand your reach. Use your money wisely for the benefit of many." Cabirus chose India to expand its reach and assist those in need. Sachbabas put in 14 state capitals across India. They have started meditation courses and Kabirus 'pry' programs have been activated for them. Help for the needy was given by local Sachbabas. 'Small Funds for Big Relief'. Kabirus realized that the government. Bureaucratic delays were a curse in their lives. Kabirus, through Itons' Alexons Network, is located on Suri's computer and is the retired Chief Cabinet Secretary. From India, who have established ties with the government. Responsible by e-mail. The computer was powered by Murali. He has created a system by which an grievance email sent to friendmeeed dot com to helpme be sent to the appropriate officer for immediate action. She was free and worked similarly to whoever she prefers. Syria also had a mailbox on the lks website at friendinneed dot com. A friend of Suri, the manager of the phone company, has set up a phone tap program on Murali's computer to take advantage of landlines.

One day, Murali got hit by a bus on the road and died. Kabirus got Iton on Murali computer to copy all his files to Alex computer. Then he created Krishnan, another sound to turn on the friend's needy website. When Suri opened his inbox on his laptop, he was surprised that the site was working even without Murali. He found an email for Krishnan presenting himself as a friend of Murali who was supporting emergency backup.

Suri in a lecture made clear to Krishnan that power comes out of deprivation. He sparked hunger for power in Krishnan. Krishnan used the power of the Needy Friends program to create an "internet party" that became a voting bank to change election results. Phone compression software has misused sensitive information in ways that cannot be mentioned. He pursued power relentlessly and mercilessly, and Kabirus's teachings were set aside.

Cabirus was upset by Krishnan's interference in politics. An advocate of his demon told him that "the byte should not make a valuable judgment on humans as to how they rule." His inner voice advised, "Don't interfere with the way humans govern themselves."

Kabirus got Meenaxi to go to Suri and take over the Murali job. Krishnan transferred the files back to a Syrian computer and ceded control of the Needy Friends program. Kabirus, via his network of Sachbabas, got the major political parties to prepare their own versions of the online help program. Thus the Internet Party was destroyed. Cabirus then deactivated Krishnan's voice so he couldn't talk to anyone. In this way Cabrius Krishnan was taken out of politics as a whole.

Cabirus was now donating more than $ 1 billion each year to tens of thousands of people in need through a large network of social workers linked to Satchpas, to help and serve men on a personal level.

Sheila succeeds in creating the Kabirus company that came out exactly as she had programmed. It was really unfortunate that she didn't know it was. Perhaps God had inspired her to write the program because Cabirus with his team served the goal of benefiting man as God himself wanted.

Cabirus has come to the conclusion that it is God who created him in his image of caring for humans as Providence, and he has to play the role of God.


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