"It almost looks like "The Explore tab that we have on Instagram," Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said in a leaked audio tag about him describing TikTok during a multifaceted meeting. But it is not. Tik Tok It is a new form of social entertainment that is very different from Instagram's shelf life where you can just take a selfie, view something beautiful, or wander around what you want. TikToks premeditated, storyboard and vastly different from random stories on Insta.

That's why Zuckerberg's comments darkened Facebook's future Family of applications. How can he overcome what he does not understand? Surely he could not ignore it. The Facebook copier version of Lasso has only been installed 425,000 times since its launch in November, while TikTok has 640 million installations in the same period outside of China. Oh, and TikTok has 1.4 billion total installations out of China so far.

TikTok screenshots

Tik Tok

Casey Newton of The Verge today posted two hours of audio and text from only two internal questions and answers Zuckerberg conducted on Facebook in July. His comments address the company's plan to fight the crash by regulators, especially if Elizabeth Warren becomes president. He thinks Facebook will win, but when resorting to government prosecution, he says, "Is this still absorbing us? Yes." Zuckerberg also describes how Facebook is working to launch a payment product in Mexico and elsewhere by the end of the year as Libra deals with regulatory scrutiny.

But besides his comments on the organization, the most troubling thing is his TikTok dove. It foretells Facebook's failure to win one of the basic social feeds on which its business depends. His outlook may evolve to the competitor, but the leakage depicts him as thinking of TikTok are nothing but upcoming Snapchat stories that need to be destroyed.

Zuckeberg Ideas on TikTok

Here's what Zuckerberg said about TikTok during internal question-and-answer sessions, (focus miner):

So yes. I mean, TikTok is doing well. One of the particularly noteworthy things about TikTok is that, for a while, the internet scene was kind of a group of internet companies that were basically American companies. Then there was this parallel universe of Chinese companies that were only providing services in China. It was our Tencent who was trying to spread some of their services in Southeast Asia. Alibaba has deployed a range of its payment services in Southeast Asia. On a large scale, in terms of global expansion, it was very limited, and TikTok, which was built by this company Beijing ByteDance, It is really the first consumer Internet product built by one of the Chinese tech giants who perform well around the world. He started working well in the United States, especially with young people. It is growing rapidly in India. I think Instagram has now been passed out in India by volume. Yes, it is a very interesting phenomenon.

And the way we think about it is: It's a short, mysterious video clip and browsing it. So, it's almost like our Explore tab on Instagram, Today it's mainly about feed posts and highlighting different feed posts. I'm thinking of TikTok as if it was "Explore the Stories" and that was the whole app. Then you have the creators who specifically work on making these things. So we have a number of methods that we will adopt towards this, and we have a product called Lasso which is a standalone application that we are working on, and we are trying to have a suitable product market in countries like Mexico, do I think so? One of the first initial ones. We first try to see if we can make it work in countries where TikTok is not really big before we go and compete with TikTok in countries where it is big.

We follow a number of styles with Instagram, including making it more focused on Explore, Which is increasingly becoming the primary way people consume Instagram, along with a few other things out there. But yes, I think it is not one of the most interesting new phenomena and products that are growing. But regarding the geopolitical implications of what they're doing, I think it's very interesting. I think we have time to learn, understand the trend and move forward. It grows, but they spend a huge amount of money to promote it. What we found is that keeping them really isn't strong after they stop advertising. So space is still quite nascent, and there's time for us to figure out what kind of we want to do here. But I think this is real. it is good.

According to Zuckerberg, he does not deny the threat. He knows that TikTok is famous. He knows it is growing in the main international markets, where Facebook and Instagram depend on the continued rise in the number of users. He knows his company needs to respond by cloning independent Aso and more.

Facebook Lasso Screenshots


But while TikToks may look like stories because they are vertical videos, and TikTok may recommend their algorithm to people like Instagram Explore, it's a complete monster of one product and may be tougher than it sounds in transcription.

To see why, let's go back to Snapchat. With the release of stories, it started to blow out with American teenagers. Facebook's attempts to clone it into standalone apps like Poke and Slingshot didn't work. In fact, none of the standalone Facebook apps worked unless you broke up with an already known part of Facebook, like chat and users had to download it like Messenger. Zuckerberg wasn't even stuck to a copy of Stories in front and center on top of Instagram and Facebook as Snapchat's number of users rose from 18% in the quarter to contraction. There, Facebook used the same strategy laid out in Zuckerberg's comments – cloning its pay well enough in countries where it has not been popular so far.

But Facebook was lucky because the stories weren't really different from the content that users were already sharing on Instagram – small resume bits of their lives. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, originally created stories to be a vision to feed Facebook news with a fleeting camera lens. All users had to know "The videos themselves were taken, but shorter and smarter, they were posted repeatedly and then they disappeared." The concept of Instagram and Facebook has not changed. They would still tell friends what you were doing. The bottleneck in TikTok growth will be more complicated.

The rise of social entertainment … not the media

TikTok is not about you or what you do. It's about entertaining your audience. It is not an automatic date for your real life. It comes to inventing characters, dressing as someone else and acting jokes. It is not about privacy and friends, it is about hacking on the world stage. It is not about originality – Instagram Instagram. TikTok is about re-blending the culture – taking the sound from another person’s clip and reimagining the gag in a new context by placing it over a video that you record.

TikTok adjusts

This makes TikTok distinct enough that it will be very difficult to skip Instagram or Facebook shoes, even if they add the remix function. Most videos on these apps are not designed to be memes templates like TikToks. Social graphs for Insta and Facebook are rooted in friendship and increase the most beautiful celebrities, but do not include the new wave of amateur performers TikTok. And since every publication to the app becomes a feed for someone else's creativity, the competitor starting from scratch does little to re-adjust.

This means that TikTok version should be somewhat buried in Instagram or Facebook, re-create a new social graph and re-understand users for the purpose of these apps … at risk of distracting them from basic usage cases. This leaves Facebook hoping to develop its standalone version TikTok Lasso, which ResourcefulDev achieved a year ago before its launch last November. But as we've seen, Facebook is struggling with growing new apps, and this effort is being hampered by its increasingly toxic and shiny brand hero. Nor does that help Facebook convert development resources to comply with all new privacy and transparency obligations as part of a $ 5 billion FTC settlement and fine.

(Update: Instagram unveiled TikTok version, reels)

Next feeding

Your best bet on Facebook is evaluating the future value of the ads that can be shown on a successful TikTok version and applying a larger portion of that large amount to direct competition. Some smart additions have already been added to Lasso, like tutorials on how to re-edit and the option to add GIFs as sections in your video. But there is still a failure to gain serious power in the United States. While typical videos on TikTok homepage where I spend a few hours a week have hundreds of thousands of likes, the best ones I've seen in my Lasso feed have received 70 or less.

TikTok beats Lasso on Facebook in the American iOS app store maps

Sensor Sensor has performed some analyzes that have compared TikTok with Lasso since its launch last November, and found that Lasso gets six downloads per 1,000 for TikTok in the U.S. Some stats:

  • Total U.S. downloads since November: Lasso – 250,000 // TikTok – 41.3 million
  • Daily downloads in the U.S. since November: Lasso – 760 // TikTok – 126,000
  • Average Google Social Maps mapping for Google Play: Lasso – # 155 // TikTok – # 2

Outside the U.S., Lasso only launched in one of the other markets, Mexico in April, as it was doing better but could hardly be considered a rival to TikTok. Facebook should be strongly inclined to Lasso:

  • Mexico Total downloads since April: Lasso – 175,000 // TikTok – 3.3 million
  • Mexico Number of downloads per day since November: Lasso – 1,000 // TikTok – 19,000

Facebook Lasso

Zuckerberg may need to find a coherent place for TikTok style features within Instagram and possibly Facebook. This can be another horizontal row for previews as with Stories and / or a header on the Explore previously intended content page. Certainly something more straightforward than one button like IGTV which still nobody asks. One of the best opportunities for TikTok is to create a custom browser for the term remix in Stories Camera to help users find content to put around it.

Facebook will also need to buy the best TikTok creators to create videos for it instead, and even hire some of the most productive video memes or challenge inventors to give users jumping directions instead of just one-time clips to watch. Its failure to offer IGTV monetization stars has led many to ignore this platform, and cannot afford it again.

If Zuckerberg approaches TikTok as just a video algorithmic recommendation like Explore, Facebook will miss you with a social entertainment feed. If he does not move decisively to challenge TikTok soon, the catalog of remixed content will become insurmountable and will possess the entire concept of a short-acting video. Snapchat's insistence on disappearing makes it incompatible with re-editing, and YouTube isn't smart enough to reinvent itself.

If no US company can climb, we may see our interests, faces, and interests lose an app, while it pleases us to use it, heralding Chinese political values ​​unlike ours. If Twitter just didn't kill Karma.


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