Cyber Security Giant Comodo Can’t Keep Its Website Safe

[ad_1] Comodo, which describes itself as "a global leader in cybersecurity solutions", said its forum has been hacked. The acceptance came in at least the posting of a forum, which confirmed that one of the hackers took advantage of a recently disclosed security vulnerability on vBulletin, a popular forum program used by Comodo. The bug, […]

Leads brands to Getaround after six months of acquisition

[ad_1] Car rental service from Europe to peer It has a new name. It’s now called Getaround, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows the latest Drivy news. Back in April, Getaround It announced the acquisition of Drivy for $ 300 million to expand into Europe. Drivey is 100% part of Getaround as the company […]

Startup aims to make filtered water a home app-based subscription service

[ad_1] With so many scandals over the quality of tap water these days, especially in the United States, many people turn to bottled water for drinking. But this requires the use of plastic once that wreaks havoc on the environment. A startup in Europe, Mitte, thinks it has the answer: filter water directly from the […]

Zuckerberg offends the massive threat to TikTok -m

[ad_1] "It almost looks like "The Explore tab that we have on Instagram," Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said in a leaked audio tag about him describing TikTok during a multifaceted meeting. But it is not. Tik Tok It is a new form of social entertainment that is very different from Instagram's shelf life where you […]

Microsoft’s new wireless earphones work with Office – No, seriously

[ad_1] Microsoft Just go ahead with the good Surface headphones – and get it, it's specially designed to work with Office. At a price of $ 249, the wireless earphones have a number of on-board productivity features, including PowerPoint slide forwarding, voice transcription, and live translation (in 60 languages). The earphones, in one word, are […]

Microsoft launches Surface Pro X – TechCrunch based on ARM

[ad_1] At the annual event for Surface Devices, Microsoft Today it announced the long-rumored ARM-based surface, the first time that Microsoft has launched itself a device with a processor inside ARM. The 13-inch device will use Microsoft's custom SQ1 chip, according to Qualcomm Snapdragon and AI accelerator, making it the first deck equipped with a […]

Tiny acquires Meteor

[ad_1] Canadian technology holding company Tiny, home to companies like Dribble, Flow and Unicorn Hunt, today announced the acquisition of Meteor, the JavaScript-based open source application platform. meteor It was launched again in 2011, and while it's been a beloved developer for a while, its momentum has stopped off a bit in recent years as […]

Microsoft has just announced a dual flat-screen phone – ResourcefulDev

[ad_1] Despite everything else leaking out at the Surface event this morning, it’s Microsoft He was still able to save one big surprise for the end. The company returns to the phones. Not only that, it’s served long. Although, as with Neo, Duo doesn’t really have a foldable display like the Galaxy Fold. Instead, it’s […]

Microsoft annoys dual-screen Neo, which was first set in 2020

[ad_1] Rumored in 2008 and formally canceled two years later, Courier is one of the big "What If" space of consumer devices. Somewhere there is an alternate timetable as the dual-screen brochure computer pre-emits the dual-tablet / PC boom. In this universe, however, the dual-screen computer was more curious. The experience of a few companies […]