Microsoft offers 10X for dual screen devices

[ad_1] At the annual event for Surface in New York, Microsoft Today, I announce the expected set of updates for the current lineup. But the big surprise was definitely the announcement of the Surface Neo dual screen that the company would be showing before the holiday season 2020. To make this kind of dual screen […]

Here’s everything Microsoft announced at a Surface event today

[ad_1] Surface happened this morning was about "flow." It was difficult to miss it honestly. The company must have spoken en masse dozen times on stage in New York. Today's word was largely a reference to ecosystems across devices and two snap dual screen products presented at the end. <img class = "breakout alignnone size-full […]

Startup factory? $ 1.2B – Team exit launches $ 65M super – ResourcefulDev

[ad_1] Think Jack Dorsey's jobs are tough? Well, Tom Chavez works for six startups. He believes that building a business can be summed up in science, so today he unveils his laboratory to establish, finance and operate companies. He and his team have already proven that they can do it themselves after selling their startups […]

Zuckerberg is wrong on TikTok – Resourcefuldev

[ad_1] 1. Zuckerberg misunderstands the massive threat from TikTok In the audio leaked from Facebook All hands, Mark Zuckerberg described TikTok As “almost like the Explore tab we have on Instagram”. But Josh Kunsten says this is a serious misunderstanding of the app, which is very similar to a new form of social entertainment. These […]