Car rental service from Europe to peer It has a new name. It’s now called Getaround, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows the latest Drivy news. Back in April, Getaround It announced the acquisition of Drivy for $ 300 million to expand into Europe. Drivey is 100% part of Getaround as the company unites its brand worldwide.

While Getaround is now operating under one brand again, there are still two mobile apps – called Drivy Getaround EU right now. Drivy Paulin Dementhon is now CEO of Getaround Europe.

In addition to the new name, Getaround now offers hourly car rental in Europe just as it does in the US, and this is all you need to know.

Overall, there are 5 million Getaround users and 20,000 connected cars worldwide. The company operates in 300 cities in eight countries.

Although Drivy started out as a kind of Airbnb Motors, the company has slowly evolved to focus less on cars owned by ordinary car owners. Startup provided a device that allows you to lock and unlock the car with a smartphone. Then the partnership started with the small companies that own small fleets of connected cars that wanted to be included on the platform.


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