A Bachelor's degree in Information Technology is a Bachelor's degree that ranges from three to five years. The Bachelor's degree in Information Technology focuses on computers and technology unlike the Computer Science degree where students also have to study management and information theory. It also focuses on computing business and communications applications, and there is additional emphasis on areas such as e-commerce and e-business computing for undergraduate courses for commercial information technology. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is an abbreviated Bachelor. Information technology is usually awarded after three to four years of university studies in information technology. Bachelor's degrees are abbreviated in Information Technology such as BIT, BinfTech, BinfoTech, or B.ICT.

In Australia, the Bachelor of Information Technology holds a three-year university degree while in Canada; it is for four years under a graduate degree. In Malaysia, most private and public universities offer BIT certificates. In the Netherlands and the United States, BIT certificates are awarded after four years of specialization in a specific field. In India, a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology is a three-year undergraduate course, for example, Indira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU in New Delhi is offered in cooperation with one of the leading UK professional qualifications in Edexcel.

The four-year course is divided into nine months, and in the first two years, the curriculum is provided by Edexcel. A successful two-year completion leads to a BTEC HND (Higher National Diploma) award in computing or computing and multimedia from Edexcel followed by IGNOU Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.

The Bachelor's degree in Information Technology is designed to develop your technical and business skills that employers highly value today. Specialization can be done on networks, network development, project management; information security etc. Students can specialize in any of the three core areas such as programming, computer support, and network management.

Some of the most popular Bachelor's degrees in Information Technology are:


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