Perhaps the most important thing that you will control when your used books for sale are listed on Amazon is to add a "detailed and complete listing for sale" describing the status of your book to the Amazon seller listing form.

Since Jupiter cannot pick up and look at your book, rather touches it, feels it, and browses pages, it is your responsibility to describe the item faithfully and truthfully. You will need:

• Put what the buyer wants to know.

• Put what the buyer needs to know.

• Put what the buyer may be surprised about. (That is, "book signed by the author")

• Put in a secondary reason to buy. (I.e., "first edition")

• Tell the buyer that he can be confident that the book will be well packaged and shipped promptly.

Provide the freebie (i.e., "Confirm free delivery to ensure accurate delivery to you")

Here is a template I used that seems to be working very well. I have this on a template page downloaded to my computer.

I pull the menus (they are very basic Notepad text format to avoid data conversion problems if they are present in MS Office or some other word processing program that seems to have to add strange formatting options to what I write)), all I have to do is copy Paste the description that closely matches what I'm selling, put it in the correct place on the form, then insert it and edit it from 10 to 15 seconds to match the book precisely 'case.


Condition: used – good

Comments: Good condition, hardcover, 6th edition 1952. No dust cover. With the exception of two inscriptions inside the front cover, there is no typing or highlighting of the internal pages. The edges and spine of the cap are jammed lightly, spine OK, binding OK. A good copy for reading or researching this topic. In stock and ready to ship today. We ship standard USPS mail with free delivery confirmation to ensure accurate and timely delivery to you directly.

It doesn't make sense to include the book’s condition as “new liked” if it is really “good.” Stretching the truth is a sure way to squeeze your profits that sell on Amazon!

I recently added the fact that my seller rating is too high. I do this so I can not be proud. Instead, I add this type of statement to distinguish myself from other sellers.

Amazon's third-party sellers are ranked according to the feedback received, and "star" ratings will actually affect buyers who will be asked.

The low-rated seller may not ship on time, or he may be guilty of not accurately describing the book, or he may not ship the book! Whatever the reasons, regular buyers tend to stay away from sellers with low ratings, and direct their business to those sellers who get good reviews.

I'm now adding a similar phrase to these new books that I'm putting on sale on Amazon:

"Buy with confidence from Amazon 5-star seller!"

Short, simple and to the point. No bragging. Just the facts. I have a 5-star rating, and I want to draw their attention to that and put their minds on their minds until they win the question of whether they risk their money when buying my book on the other fifty books of the same title to direct their attention.

Many sellers mention their turnaround times (“We Ship On Same Day!”), The number of books shipped daily (“thousands shipped daily!”) Or some other promise of reliability. My advice is to find your unique selling proposition that will put you on your head and shoulders above your competitors.

In case you don't know how, here's a quick example of how to copy and paste using the Windows PC keyboard:

I found it much easier to write a description of books in a notepad, then copy and paste them using old school keyboard techniques.

  1. Use the mouse or flash mouse to highlight the text you want to copy, then hold down the CTRL key (located at the bottom left of the computer keyboard) and press the "C" key. Copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Go to the screen that displays the Amazon Books List template, click the cursor in the "Comments" box, hold down the CTRL button and press the "V" key. This sticks to the form. It provides you with tons of writing.
  3. If you need to make a slight change to the copy – for example, the spine is wrinkled on a paperback and torn apart a bit – then you can scroll to that part of the description, type it, and click the "Submit" button. all is OK!

Go to the next book. copies. repeat. rinse. Nothing could be easier!

Now that you know one of the most important things that will help you sell more books, CDs and DVDs used on Amazon, apply this practical know-how to make more money in your spare time in this easy work at home. By describing your items completely and completely using these simple tips, you are sure to sell more, earn more money, and enjoy a respectable seller rating, too!


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