No one likes spam except for spammers who hope to convert 0.1% to sales. Unfortunately, the cost of sending an email is very low, so any percentage is appropriate even in some cases .001% This is the problem. Well, let's talk?

Much of the irrational spam we get comes from smaller operators who are uncomfortable with the AI ​​program or high probability algorithms. How do we know this is true? Simple, if you are a woman with Viagra or Anti-Baldness SPAM or if you are a man with breast augmentation or Sports Bra SPAM. These smaller companies use scrapers and buy old email lists with little regard for purchasing habits. Big companies use targeted SPAM which often looks to us like SPAM because we really care.

What if the smaller companies that sent SPAM had better access to targeted algorithms to help them find the best customers? After that, they use this program and we will get rid of a large part of all SPAM, thus saving bandwidth for everyone and eliminating most of our junk mailboxes.

After all, if the sales emails are the best fit for your needs, desires, desires and purchasing options, then all of a sudden, SPAM is no longer? Now, a company that gets only 001% conversion rates in a mass email campaign may not have enough money to use the big data or get a sophisticated computer capable of writing the final spam algorithm.

So, what if someone licenses these tools to the tiniest of household chores, and if they misuse them, they can no longer use them? As you can see, we need a truly global solution and we need to rethink the problem, because we still face a challenge with spam and despite the laws against it, enforcing these laws is almost impossible. Bill Gates has long suggested that "small payments" for sent emails will solve the problem, because even if the cost is low for every sent email, operators will not be able to send spam randomly, instead; it should be selective.

Being selective, having a good email list and checking them twice, updating them, and making sure that anything sent was targeted correctly or else the attempt to send bulk email messages will not be interrupted. My above solution also has a cost-benefit advantage of the free market. It might be a great business model for Big Data to capture new clients from small companies in large quantities and if so, it could eliminate 50% of SPAM. Think about this.


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