In our current age of access to communication and information being the order of the day, the scrolling degree in Computer Science (B.Tech or MCA) is a valuable asset. Young people who choose PCM (physics, chemistry and mathematics) as the main subjects aspire to obtain a degree in this engineering field.

This is the prevailing scenario of higher education in Rajasthan. Bright researchers want to supplement their academic qualifications with a Postgraduate degree from M. Tech. For example, M Tech computer science courses in Rajasthan were highly sought after by these students.

The M. Tech program in Computer Science is similar to a passport to El Dorado because engineers from this branch have an advantage according to the latest market dynamics. They are employed by both government entities and companies to carry out various high-tech tasks. These range from basic engineering, research, development, manufacturing and quality control to consulting and software solutions.

Rajasthan has dozens of academia that offer high-quality education in engineering. These colleges operate in central, independent, or private universities. There are about 33 institutions offering Master of Science in Computer Science. Almost all engineering schools are monitored periodically by the National Council for Assessment and Accreditation (NAAC).

Although admission criteria for M. Tech certification in these colleges as determined by the respective university may vary, at least 50 to 55% of the marks are necessary in the state of Rajasthan. Besides the written test, some colleges conduct a personal interview and guidance to assess the student's overall level.

There are about 50 higher institutes offering MSc computer science courses in Rajasthan. Some of these colleges enable students to enhance their knowledge in PCM, basic engineering, social sciences, management and humanities. Along with this as a basis, the course focuses on the core topic of Computer Science Engineering (CSE).

Economically superior and poor students deserve scholarships in their search for M. Tech degree. Some of these institutions provide sufficient opportunities for students to undertake advisory projects such as case studies. In addition to a study tour, they are also introduced to the commercial and industrial environment that may last four to six weeks. Moreover, prospective employers are discovering talented engineers by holding interviews.

Every year, in March, admission notices from various reputable colleges and universities appear in all major newspapers of Rajasthan. Students interested in attending the admission examination that is conducted to assess the student's capabilities, amount, and skills in computer engineering.


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