We have taken steps on the path to the future that cannot be restored or undone. The importance of electronic technology now lies in all the fibers of our society, from the lowest station to the desirable office of our president.

The importance of electronic technology thrives while being abandoned, doubling on its own every fourteen to twenty-four months, and has always become the one we will not fail, thanks to the growth of technology. The time consuming tasks that lasted hours, and even days, are now done in minutes.

Computers and the Internet offer many new methods that have been incorporated to address regular business activities, which are growing more and are being customized to the extent that they are heavily integrated into existing structures.

Without the importance of electronic technology, routine tasks that now take only moments, thanks to the computer, can take hours, and even days to gather information alone.

The importance of electronic technology in the field of communication is the most frequently called news. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the cell phone revolutionized the way we live and communicate with each other and the world.

Everyone wants to be informed when a new innovation is revealed in the mobile industry. The addition of the Internet, in addition to GPS navigation systems, sent the telecom industries to the bank under the weight of the money raised.

Technology in the healthcare system alone has had long-term effects. The speed of computers and their storage capacity have simplified and increased the efficiency of record-keeping systems, and this is only the tip of the tech iceberg.

Many hospital systems link entire departments, from their doctors to the accounting, pharmacy, and billing departments. All use a system called HIS. HIS is (Hospital Information System). HIS is a program used by all hospitals and integrates most of their departments.

I believe that advances in electronic technology in the education system need a more comprehensive exploration. The outrageous cost of a good college education is a frontier in the world of criminal theft.

By putting some at an unattainable price for the education of their choice, the education system not only steals their future, but also deprives society of their potential contribution.


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