What are the good medical transcriptionist qualities?


When deciding to outsource the needs of medical transcription, it is clear that the recruitment and training requirements (with respect to transcription) are outsourced to the service provider

The quality of the texts depends entirely on the quality of the copies. This will be determined through the selection and training process provided by the service provider selected by the health care facility.

What qualities should a good medical transcriptionist be?

  • The ability to multitask: Transcription is a skill that requires a person to be able to listen and write at the same time. They should also be able to use the start / pause / stop function of the audio device. The ability to multitask is an important skill
  • Comfortable with the Internet: The audio files for the healthcare practitioner interview with the patient are uploaded to the server, and these files need to be downloaded by the transcriber and then the final records need to be uploaded to the health care facilities. He / she needs to search for difficult terms, words and others on the Internet. These activities necessitate to be an internet savvy medical transcriptionist.
  • Research capabilities: Transcription needs to be skilled in research, whether on the Internet or in research books. This is important to ensure that the gaps in the report are minimized.
  • Quick writing skills: Not only does the burner have to be precise, but it also has to be able to write at a reasonable speed to ensure the guaranteed transfer time is met.
  • Good computer skills: Nowadays all texts are created on the computer. Different formats are required and headers and footers are required for a specific type of report. Good computer skills are essential for copying texts.
  • Knowledge of medical terms: Medical terminology is complex and is not generally known to the average person. A good understanding of the medical terminology is one of the main qualifications of the transcriptionist.
  • Above average knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and usage: The medical transcriber needs to have good language skills along with all other skills to be able to produce high-quality texts. Wrong use of words, punctuation errors, or any other grammatical errors can completely change the meaning of the report.
  • Ability to focus filtration outside disturbances, etc.: Transcription needs to be able to focus on audio recording and filter out any additional tape noise, as well as external noise, in order to be able to produce accurate documents.
  • Confidentiality commitment: The copyist needs to understand that the work assigned to him needs to be kept confidential because it relates to private and important data. A serious commitment to maintain confidentiality is a fundamental quality of copiers.
  • disciplined: It requires discipline and commitment on the part of the medical transcriptionist to produce accurate records in a timely manner, while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Appointed for more details: To capture all information and ensure it is accurate, the publisher of the copies must see the details.
  • Perfect position: Follow all difficult words / conditions and make sure that the accuracy of the final copy is close to 100% that the burner needs a perfect position.
  • Working well under restrictions: A medical transcriber must understand the importance of producing quality copies in a timely manner while controlling for external disturbances. Being able to work well under limitations is an important quality for a copying team
  • Feeling responsible, work ethic, integrity and professional attitudes

One should outsource the service provider who believes in hiring people with the correct attitude toward perfection, commitment, attention to detail, responsibility, commitment to confidentiality etc. and developing their inherent capabilities to produce pure quality medical transcriptionists who can provide accurate and timely transcription.

Transcriptionists' skills can be further honed by training them to be experts in one or two disciplines. This will enable them to provide quality copies from the start.


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