RankBrain is part of the core Google algorithm that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help screen millions of search results. RankBrain was announced in late 2015, and this algorithm has become an integral part of how Google determines the most useful and relevant results for search engine inquiries.

The concept of machine learning is not new, Expert Systems define machine learning as an artificial intelligence (AI) application that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on developing computer programs that can access data and use it in learning for themselves. The most important goal is to give computers the ability to learn automatically without human intervention and to adjust procedures accordingly.

According to a Google CEO interview with Bloomberg, he revealed that RankBrain is the third most important part of the ranking flag in Hummingbird (Google's search engine algorithm), behind only the content and backlinks. RankBrain knows what someone is searching for and has the ability to offer different interpretations of accurate information.

How does RankBrain work?

In the past, prior to RankBrain, Google used the basic algorithm to specify the results to display for a particular query. At those times, Google search results were manually pulled by engineers based on some criteria that they understood were useful (such as clickthrough rate (CTR), time, or Download speed) and when a user performs a search query, Google uses the same algorithm for each type of query to determine which results to display.

On the other hand, since RankBrain was developed in 2015, Google is now giving the ability to tweak its AI results independently, quickly. When you perform a query, it is first interpreted by RankBrain, which searches for traces within query words and specifies the purpose of the query. This will help Google better understand the type of content you should answer. Google then uses your query analysis to determine the most appropriate ranking signals to display your results.

While there are many articles on the internet about "RankBrain Optimization" and "RankBrain SEO", most rely on speculation and assumptions. The fact is that RankBrain does not know the criteria related to a particular keyword. Consequently, RankBrain learns by experimenting by adjusting different SEO metrics until it finds the particular metric that leads to the highest level of customer satisfaction (which may be your clickthrough rate, for example).

RankBrain is the latest algorithm, so SEO experts take advantage of the buzzword to improve performance so that they can get this feature in the lead. Google is now smarter in reading user intentions and generating results that meet the user's needs, and if you win the SEO game, Google will reward you with a higher ranking. It's time to help you understand RankBrain to increase your rankings.

How to beat RankBrain for SEO?

Many of them ask about ways to beat Google RankBrain. The fact is, it is difficult to improve RankBrain. According to Google, RankBrain is very dynamic to be incomprehensible, however, you can still boost your website to the highest results by respecting some guidelines.

Publishing original content

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter nowadays, and so is RankBrain, so the original content is really important, and it's actually more important than ever. In order to get a high ranking, the website must be a saved site for motivating text writing, new content and useful written information for targeted users.

To do this, you need to know what users want from the internet. Related content is new and easily accessible. When you treat RankBrain as a smart object, only then will you be able to have your website provide the best answer to a specific search, by doing this RankBrain will reward you by pushing you to the top of the list. So it's important that you understand what a user wants from you and what keywords and phrases Google is good at finding what they offer.

Type a strong title

The undeniable factor is making your content stand out, you can accomplish this by making a strong first impression of your title. Don't underestimate the power of a great title. One piece of advice we can give you is writing emotional titles. No doubt about that, expressive and emotional titles get more traffic because there is a clear link between very emotional titles and social stocks. This is something the book has known for years.

For example, here is the SEO common sign: how to be more productive and get more done. This is not a bad thing at all, however, it is nice and lacks the emotional things that could make people want to click on it right away. You should know that it is not always logical to create very emotional nicknames. It may sound silly and overrated. But whenever you can, you should.

Keyword placement

Another important factor for blogging is putting keywords around your site. Perhaps this is one of the most important SEO methods. It is helpful to think about how someone searches for information about your specific service or product, as the keywords you use will likely be the keywords you want to use. Google can track whether users are satisfied with the search results it provides. If researchers visit your site and stay for an extended period of time to consume your content, Google will record that they are involved.

In conclusion, RankBrain can be difficult to beat, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If there is one thing that top SEO experts agree on, this makes RankBrain make Google smarter and smarter every day. If you think RankBrain has flooded your company's organic search rankings, start reviewing the same content. Are they useful and attractive? Is it targeting a topic, rather than one specific keyword? If so, take a look at the pages that are ranked well, and see if you can determine which factors RankBrain prioritizes.


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