What would be the best “hello world” for biological sciences? Generate a method for biogenic penetration


The first step for a hacker or beginner programmer to deepen technology and logic is the popular Hello World program. It is a kind of computer style, therefore, the first step for future algorithms. And no computer or hacker programmer in the world has not actually created Hello World, even just to test a new translator or a new programming language. However, if there is this pattern, or rather, this is a START for hackers and computer programmers, then what is the best model for a model or starts for dynamic hackers? Some ways for beginners to be a model in the biological sciences.

Biological sciences are not yet a common thing, and there is a huge handicap for ordinary people to work on issues like genetics. It seems ridiculous to think that ordinary people can work with genetics, even a hobby, as well as work with other classical science. The same was true of computing in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, but as the technology industry, especially microelectronics, advanced, devices such as devices fell in international prices and standards. With this progress in generalizing and accessing materials, we all know how progress has occurred in the field of computing, which creates a fertile ground for hackers. What is being raised now is the possibility of this same reality occurring in biological sciences. Mainstream and access materials, devices and knowledge to further enhance the primary pirate movement. There are many inexpensive tools and materials that bio-investors use, and they have already been provided, although considered by some professionals, but that the hacker did not start as an amateur and in a short time, that violated the highest technology. We cannot deny that it is a beginning, and there is a huge scope that must be improved. However, the focus of this article is on researching a method, not the articles now. In this case, the method for bio-hackers in the world of welcoming biological sciences, is connected to a model or start-up for new bio-hackers. Something very simple, but this holds the most concept. A way to become a standard for vital hackers, just like Hello World. This method is what we are looking for now! It indicates that the concept of a method is an organized set of procedures, methods, or means to do something in a systematic way and nurture it according to a plan, process, or logical, or systematic, high degree of research, direction, investigation, and presentation.

Just as important as the growth of the bhahacker movement is the pursuit of this standard, this method. Something like a PCR chain reaction, or even DNA extraction from cells, and even more sophisticated devices such as communication or interfaces between a biological and computing platform. With regard to the intruders, they are educated by themselves, and do not refer to the concepts of working with biological sciences. Since we never had much knowledge on the open and structured platform as it is today, for example, the Microsoft ™ Khan Academy ™ system. In addition to many other examples. In short, anyone today can become an intruder, as well as a vital intruder with a basic method. Biological Infiltration Method – a graceful, step-by-step method, with a basic introduction, like the popular Hello World programming, that will revolutionize HYPE's biological sciences. What is required by a beginner or beginner programmer is summarized using a computer, interpreter, and programming logic concept. The first step of each computer started with the famous "Hello World". You could say Hello World programming is the world of hackers and programming. It is a practice, and a standard in this area. The question that we ask in biogenesis. It is formalized by the question: What would be the best "hi world" for biological sciences?

Until now, biological sciences have been stuck in private academies and laboratories, but with the advancement of knowledge and easy access to new tools, equipment and handcrafted tools, at reduced prices, purchasing materials for biological sciences has become easy and cheap to work in a popular way. It is a revolution like the advancement of computers in generalizing, and generating hackers. Nowadays, the new hacker is adding classic sciences to their works. Thus, characters or agents named biohackers and even nanohaersers appear. These will use biological sciences to infiltrate the human genome, as well as generate innovation. Nobody can deny the sentence: What would be the current computing without being hacked several decades ago? We can even say we are in trouble nowadays. The traditional means of producing science is stagnant and slow. This new agent, the bio-penetrator at global startup, will bring high-density gas and acceleration to innovative scientific and technological innovations.

About actual science, an interesting case is presented in the concept of the plateau effect – more details can be seen in a book of the same name. This concept indicates a kind of paralysis in the progress of knowledge and science, psychological slowdown and other factors. This concept is well represented for those who are learning a new language, but at a certain stage, progress suffers from slowdown and paralysis due to several factors. It's not that much of a difference in the progress of biological sciences, and one of the reasons for this laziness, which faces so many variables, is its high complexity. However, just as the infiltrators 'movement has oxygenated computing with many innovations, the biomissors' movement, despite the pros and cons, will undoubtedly oxidize biological and other conceptual sciences. The new motion matrix will bring an icebreaker, a kind of HYPE acceleration in stagnation. There are a lot of academic concepts and little practical use now. There is no denial, there is a new complex matrix in composition. CRISPR and biohacker were the subject of Nature ™ magazines in 2017.

In fact, it's not just a matter of how best to create a START, for hobbyist vital hackers, in this case there will be a suggestion in popularizing the PCR method, remember PCR as Polymerase Chain Reaction, but this is one of the possibilities in front of many others. The openness to new business with the biological penetration movement is unprecedented. Ability to outsource analytical tests, rent labs, sell KIT devices to dynamic consumers, new test methods, and a large number of collaboration and unlimited competition. It is practically a new world shaped in biological sciences, matrix in complex formation.


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