1. Zuckerberg misunderstands the massive threat from TikTok

In the audio leaked from Facebook All hands, Mark Zuckerberg described TikTok As “almost like the Explore tab we have on Instagram”. But Josh Kunsten says this is a serious misunderstanding of the app, which is very similar to a new form of social entertainment.

These differences are important because TikTok is a fast growing force on social media, like a big threat to Facebook and Instagram. And how can Zuckerberg overcome what he does not understand?

2. The latest Microsoft Surface laptop for Microsoft comes in 13 and 15-inch models

Microsoft press events are taking place while writing this newsletter, but they have already announced a new piece of hardware – the latest version of Surface Laptop, at a starting price of $ 999 for the 13-inch model.

3. The court says the abolition of net “neutrality” on the FCC cannot stop state laws

The Federal Court of Appeals greatly weakened the FCC’s repeal of the rules of net neutrality, as it ruled that the commission could not preempt state laws such as those pending in California. Indeed, one judge described the FCC’s logic as “lagging behind the realities of modern broadband service.”

4. These are the most important Y Combinator companies of all time, based on evaluation

In October of 2018, Y Combinator published a huge list of the 101 Best Companies that Passed Accelerated, as ranked by each company rating. This morning they updated the list, as Airbnb and Stripe swapped first places.

5. NASA is launching a new telescope to catch the planet using a giant balloon

The new telescope will search for Earth-like planets from an altitude of about 125,000 feet, using a special optical technology that filters light from the stars they orbit to provide a better view.

6. Top VCs invest in edtech

New programs, content and financing solutions for learning outside the traditional school system offer more urgent business opportunities, especially when it comes to professional training. (Additional crisis membership is required.)

7. Streamlit launches an open source machine learning application development framework

Instead of building a one-size, automated learning tool for everyone, the key was to develop a solution that was flexible enough to serve multiple requirements, depending on the nature of the data in question, says Adrian Trewell, one of the founders of Streamlit.


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