Surface happened this morning was about "flow." It was difficult to miss it honestly. The company must have spoken en masse dozen times on stage in New York. Today's word was largely a reference to ecosystems across devices and two snap dual screen products presented at the end.

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Most of the rumors were criticized. There was a newer version of Surface Laptop, including a 15-inch model addition to an updated process and a long-awaited addition to the USB C port. When talking about that, Surface Pro got one of these, in addition to studio-enhanced microphones. There's also the new Surface Pro X, which finds the company is using the new Microsoft SQ1 chip, based on Qualcomm's architecture.

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Despite all the rumors, the company managed to manage some real surprises. The first ear bouquet was really exotic earphones. Microsoft's attempt to differentiate similar offerings from Apple, Google, Samsung, and the like increases productivity. Large, round earphones are designed to work specifically with Office, including features such as audio transcription, PowerPoint slide forwarding, and real-time translation. $ 249 will be played.

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The most exciting thing is adding Surface Neo. The dual-screen computer features some great keyboard tricks, and it should be a really great product when it finally starts the next vacation, equipped with the new Windows 10x operating system. Holiday 2020 will also see Microsoft return to mobile space with the arrival of a dual-screen Android phone.

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